The America Heritage Collection

The American Heritage Collection features historical blends of honey that recreate the sweetness that sustained Americans as they explored and settled the United States. The honey in this collection celebrates the spirit and traditions of formative eras in America's story. Enjoy a taste of history from the mid-eighteenth century to the late nineteenth century with American Heritage honeys from Bee America.

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Prairie Honey

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Tasting Notes

Bee America's Prairie Honey is an artisanal blend carefully crafted to evoke the bright and tangy honey with spicy floral notes that was harvested from the Great Plains.

Product Description

Delight in the refreshing nature of American prairie honey. Hoping to make a new start in life, prairie homesteaders headed west to the land of rippling bluestem and spacious skies. Homesteaders valued honeybees as pollinators for their crops as well as providing honey for sweetening foods and beeswax for making candles to light their sod houses. Prairie Honey honors the vast expanses of grassland, which were so impressive that early settlers compared their endless undulations to the ocean and called their covered wagons "prairie schooners" as they navigated their rolling acres.

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"To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee"

- Emily Dickinson, The Complete Poems

Did you know?

The settlers aided honey bees in traversing physical barriers that would have otherwise been insurmountable to them like the vast prairie and imposing mountain ranges. It took over 200 years from honey bees to travel across the continent and reach the west coast of the United States.