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Our products include local honey from our own apiary overlooking the Potomac River; flower varietal honeys from iconic regions of the United States; artisanal honeys that capture historic eras in America's past; and natural, honey-based body care products. We make beautiful custom honey gift baskets for all occasions.

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Bee America sweetens your life with the wholesome goodness of Pure American Honey. We’re passionate about protecting honey bees and ensuring a promising future for them in our world. Treat yourself and the honey lovers in your life to the gift of natural honey.

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Host a Virtual Honey Tasting Experience

Looking for a unique event this holiday season? Partner with Bee America’s honey sommelier and arrange a custom honey tasting experience for your organization or company that is conducted virtually. Make your next event or corporate function interactive and memorable. In addition to participating in a honey tasting, your guests will learn how honey is made, all about the lives of honey bees and what they can do to help the bees where they live.

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Use Honey for an Effective Post-Exercise Recovery Plan

Many of us will still be exercising outside during the cooler months of autumn and chilly, and/or rainy weather can put a lot of stress on the body. By eating or drinking honey after a workout, its antioxidants can help prevent free radical damage caused by this stress and help the body recover faster. During exercise, blood glucose levels decrease because muscles use available glucose for energy. Ingesting carbohydrates—like honey—after exercising restores blood glucose levels, and honey may be one of the best carbohydrates to refuel with to avoid any hypoglycemia effects.

Honey Fact

Pollen, which is primarily protein, is fed only to honeybee larva while nectar, which is primarily sugar, is fed to both honeybee larva and adults.


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Pandemic Passion: Beeswax Candles

November 1, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bee America is highlighting entrepreneurs who have embraced some aspect of honeybees and their life cycle and provide them with a platform to talk about their “pandemic passion.” In the...

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Honey Gifts for Everyone

Do you need to send a holiday gift, “thinking of you” present, or express your gratitude and appreciation to someone? Bee America has unique honey gifts for every occasion and person on your gift list. We’ll customize your honey or body care product order with elegant wrapping and a personalized card. Just select the gift-wrapping option during checkout.

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Corporate & Large Orders

We make placing custom and multi-delivery orders easy. We can help you put together honey gifts for multiple recipients and honey gift baskets for your business or holiday giving. Contact us about our special pricing and services.

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If you live in Washington DC, Maryland or Northern Virginia check out Bee America products at the following locations and holiday-themed events.
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Can I order more star thistle honey? It just disappeared in our house.

Andrew (Cary, NC)

I wanted to reach back out to let you know we got all our honeys and extra lip balm! My husband and I have been using the lip balm non-stop and our little honey jars were a huge hit at the baby shower. Thanks so much again!

Katelyn (Silver Spring, MD)

Kids' Corner

kids corner

Calling all future beekeepers of America! Did you know that honey bees need a lot of water, especially in the summer? They use the water to cool the hive to prevent the wax honey comb from melting.