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Varietal honeys from iconic regions of the United States; artisanal honeys that capture historic eras in America's past; and natural, honey-based body products.

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Bee America sweetens your life with the wholesome goodness of Pure American Honey. Treat yourself and the people in your life to a gift from nature today!

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Live in the DC Metro Region? Hire Bee America’s honey sommelier and host a custom honey tasting for friends and family. Make your next birthday celebration, dinner party, holiday event, or corporate function memorable by throwing a honey party! 

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Food Fraud and How to Avoid It

Unfortunately, adulterated foods are probably more common than you think and can affect a wider variety of foods than you realize. Adding water to fruit juice, chemically enhancing the protein content of foods, changing the expiration dates on perishable items are ready examples. The U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) estimates that 7% of products in grocery stores across the U.S. contain fake ingredients.

Parmesan cheese, olive oil, spices, fish and seafood, and honey are the most commonly tampered with, chemically doctored or substituted with inferior quality products. This lifehacker website has a list of helpful tips and information about how you can avoid counterfeit foods. When you buy honey from Bee America rest assured that you are enjoying 100% pure, all-natural honey.

Honey Fact

The queen honeybee may lay up to 1,500 eggs per day and can lay up to 1 million eggs over her lifetime.


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Make A Bug-Friendly Garden

May 3, 2016

By making your garden a haven for beneficial insects you will encourage pollinators,...

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We make placing custom and multi-delivery orders easy. We can help you put together honey gifts for multiple recipients and honey gift baskets for your business or holiday giving. Contact us about our special pricing and services.

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Let us personalize your honey gift order with beautiful holiday or special occasion wrapping and a personalized card. It’s easy to do—just select the gift-wrapping option during your order checkout.

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I tried your honey side by side with a grocery store brand and there is no comparison. The flavor of your honey is so fresh and balanced. Keep up the good work!

Bridget (Brodhead, WI)

My whole family really enjoyed your honey. Thanks for the quick shipping.

Richard (Milwaukee, WI)

Kids' Corner

kids corner

Calling all future beekeepers of America! Did you know that honey bees need a lot of water, especially in the summer? They use the water to cool the hive to prevent the wax honey comb from melting.