Honey Tasting Experience

Enjoy a unique honey tasting experience customized to your own event. A delicious, fun and educational opportunity to learn about honey bees, sample a variety of honey flavors and savor seasonal food pairings.


"We hired Bee America to host a virtual honey tasting for media. If you are looking for a fun and unique experience I highly recommend Chris and his team. He created an engaging event and the feedback was incredible!"

Katharine Pape, Pape PR
Louie Lopez, Banila Co. USA

"On behalf of everyone at EB5 Capital, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your help in the planning of our company president's birthday celebration.... She was completely thrilled with the unique and thoughtful honey-tasting table that you arranged, and the beautiful gift basket that you prepared. After you left, everyone kept admiring your decorations, and we continued our discussion about bees and honey. Each and every one of us had such a great time tasting the different combinations and pairings of the wide variety of fruits, nuts, honeys, cheeses, and crackers that you arranged. Our president truly enjoyed the experience, as did everyone on the EB5 Capital and Phillips Realty team. Thank you so much for making Angela's birthday celebration such an enjoyable and memorable experience."

Best Regards,

"Thank you, and thank Chris so much for coming and speaking with us on Sunday! It was truly enjoyable to listen to him; I think we would have been happy peppering him with questions for another hour.... I'm sure that everyone who attended learned something fascinating to pass along, and interest in beekeeping certainly spiked during the evening. I hope everyone shares good things about Bee America with others - I know I will!"

Wilhelmina, Tifereth Israel Congregation

Honey Tasting Experience

Book a unique Bee America Virtual Honey Tasting Experience as a fun social event to complement your meeting, conference, corporate function, or holiday event.

What Participants Learn:

  • How to select and enjoy quality honey
  • What to consider when tasting and pairing honey with other foods
  • How bees make honey
  • Why terroir and nectar sources influence a honey's flavor and color
  • What participants can do to help bees in their neighborhoods

What's Included:

  • A selection of four, 3oz jars of varietal and artisanal Bee America honeys
  • A mini wooden honey dipper
  • A Bee America custom honey tasting guide/placemat and Bee America pencil
  • Wooden tasting spoons and palette-cleansing shortbread cookies
  • A gourmet chocolate bar topped with flower petals, honey and bee pollen
  • Recommendations for seasonal food pairings that will complement the honeys
  • A virtual honey sommelier who will run the tasting and answer questions


  • Additional palate cleansers such as biscuits, cookies, crackers
  • Beverage options such as tea or champagne/sparkling wine
  • Custom requests

The Important Details:


Anyone who loves honey and would enjoy and appreciate learning more about it!


Virtual honey tastings take about one hour and can be scheduled on weekdays and weekends—during the day or in the evening.


Honey tasting experiences are the perfect group activity. The price of an event will vary based upon the number of participants. There is a flat fee of $150 for the tasting and then $60 for each registered participant, which includes a Bee America Honey Tasting Experience Kit gift box (four, 3oz jars of Bee America honey; a mini wooden honey dipper; a Bee America custom honey guide/placemat and Bee America pencil; wooden tasting spoons; shortbread cookies; a gourmet chocolate bar topped with flower petals, honey and bee pollen; and shipping in the continental US only. Shipping to other locations would involve a surcharge.)

Please contact us for more details and/or to reserve your date and time (options include evenings and weekends).

The preferred group size is no more than 25 participants, however larger groups can also be accommodated. Custom upgrades are available such as additional palate cleansers (e.g., biscuits, cookies, crackers) and beverages (e.g., tea, champagne, sparkling wine).

Interested in booking a group honey tasting? Please call or email us to discuss your specific needs.

(301) 229-2780  info@bee-america.com

Why Choose Us?

Bee America is a small, family-run apiary that believes in local, sustainable beekeeping. We want to help ensure a bright future for honey bees given their struggles to survive in an environment challenged by the over-use of pesticides, monoculture crops, diseases and pests, extremes in climate change. We passionately love bees and honey and want to share our knowledge of and enthusiasm with all things "bee" with you!

Honey is a special gift from nature that is best enjoyed if it can be appreciated for the truly amazing food it is - no other food comes close to its utter perfection. It is the essence of a flower, distilled into an edible feast for the senses.