Bee America honey is smooth and flavorful and has a light but rich taste. I enjoy it pooled in the hidden crannies of English muffins, but it is equally good on biscuits, peanut butter and crackers, and in hot tea.

Anne (Oakridge, TN)

My whole family really enjoyed your honey. Thanks for the quick shipping.

Richard (Milwaukee, WI)

I look forward to sampling the other products Bee-America offers!

Scott (Los Angeles, CA)

I had some of your honey on croissants with my houseguests and it was outstanding. I'm anxious to order some more and plan to stock the guesthouse with the small jars; such a treat and will make me look like a very thoughtful hostess.

Sandy (Knoxville, TN)

I tried your honey side by side with a grocery store brand and there is no comparison. The flavor of your honey is so fresh and balanced. Keep up the good work!

Bridget (Brodhead, WI)