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Baked French Toast Slathered with Raspberry Creamed Honey

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Creamed Honey English Muffins

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Creamed Thistle Honey

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Product Description

Creamed Thistle Harvested from the star thistle wildflower that grows in wild abundance in Northern Michigan, creamed thistle honey has a sweet and delicate floral flavor. Its smooth and velvety taste is an unexpected delight from such a tenacious and prickly plant. This delicious, spreadable honey melts lusciously in your mouth. Pairs well with nuts, strong cheeses and breakfast breads. Stays smooth and creamy without refrigeration.

What are people saying?

"Can I order more star thistle honey? It just disappeared in our house." - Andrew (Cary, NC)

"Bee America honey is smooth and flavorful and has a light but rich taste. I enjoy it pooled in the hidden crannies of English muffins, but it is equally good on biscuits, peanut butter and crackers, and in hot tea." - Anne (Oakridge, TN)

"Your honey is really good. A friend has been raising bees for years, and the honey is wonderful, but it seems to have a heavier taste. My friend shared a small jar of Bee America with me and I have also enjoyed it at our Sunday night dinners. We put it on fresh carrots and it was delicious." - Wendy (Chicago, IL)


Have you ever seen a Creamed Thistle?

Star thistle honey ready for harvesting

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Did you know?

While many people consider the purple star thistle to be a pesky weed, beekeepers love it as it produces a sweet and luscious honey.