Sweetness You Can Trust

September 22, 2012

Honey. What an amazing food! A master beekeeper friend of mine talked about how our job as beekeepers was to get out of the way and let the bees produce one of nature’s most amazing gifts. It doesn’t spoil, doesn’t need refrigeration, and it is just so good for you. I love the taste of honey—how each taste—each batch is subtly different. It is a reflection of the flowers from which it is produced, interpreted by the bees to create a unique and wonderful food.   

All is not well in the world of honey. The bees are suffering from a disease of unknown origin. When struck by this disease, they just fly away leaving all behind wondering. While this has impacted honey production, the biggest threat is that of unregulated imports. Here in the United States we import about 60% of what we consume. Quite often this is from countries that do not have the same food safety values and regulations as we do here in America. The problem is made more difficult by the changing nature of honey. There are few standards that regulate the definition and purity of honey. Crafty importers have been discovered selling “honey” that is actually corn syrup with color added, or honey with measurable pesticides, herbicides or banned antibiotics. 

This is not what I wanted for my family; this is not what your family deserves.  It all started simply, with a desire for pure honey that we could trust.  From the hives in our yard we enjoyed that perfect sweetness. While the honey from our yard is delicious, it is only a single flavor. We started exploring the vast array of amazing honey flavors. 

Our family searched for honey that we would share with your family. Honey, which is simultaneously simple and complex. Honey, where we can taste the bees producing the miracle of nature.  This is the foundation of Bee America:  great honey, a variety of flavors, sweetness you can trust. Please join us in sharing this amazing honey.  Welcome to the Bee America family.