Summer Grilling Secrets

July 5, 2017

For summer barbecues, honey is the secret ingredient for delicious seafood and meats. In particular, Bee America’s Tulip Poplar Honey is the perfect accompaniment to all of your outdoor cooking. You’ll love its all-natural sweetness and dark orange amber color, which pair perfectly with many spicy and tangy barbecue ingredients. Being such a thick substance, honey has the special ability to seal in a meat’s own juices that seep out during the high heat of grilling, keeping the cuts tender and moist.

Here are three tips that will make any meat or seafood you chose not only taste amazing, but also look great:

Do the Math

When throwing together a marinade, remember the three key ingredients: a fat (e.g., olive oil, coconut milk, yogurt), an acid (e.g., lime juice, vinegar, wine) and the seasonings (e.g., aromatics, salt, chile peppers). However, what’s missing from this equation is a sweetener to mellow out the acid. Honey is the perfect balancing ingredient that allows all the other ingredients to blend together into something that is greater than the sum of its parts. It is the catalysis for the perfect marinade that brings out big flavor in the meat.

Mix It Well

It’s best to mix together the acid and honey first before titrating in the fat. A good rule of thumb to follow for the ratio of fat to acid is 3:1. Typically only a small amount of acid should be used as too much can make certain cuts of meat mushy. Avoid just trying to brush honey directly on to the meat, as it will be difficult to apply given its thick consistency and will burn at high temperatures.

Watch the Heat

When used in lower heat cooking methods, such as indirect heat, the honey in the marinade will caramelize and add an extra depth of color and flavor. Be careful when using hotter cooking techniques, like flame grilling, because the marinade may burn and the meat will taste off. However, you can do a fast sear and obtain a beautiful roasted color by quickly moving the meat to the high heat area and holding it there briefly.

Have fun sizzling this summer!