The Honeybee: Art or Artist?

October 19, 2012

As our honeybees have evolved from a hobby to a passion to our company, Bee America, our interest in all things related to “bees” has grown as well.  Just recently, we acquired a stunning piece of art from a talented metal sculptor, Jeremy Maronpot. It was an early Christmas present from my wife, Tamara.  Actually, it was supposed to be a surprise, but it’s hard to keep emails private when you share a computer with one another. 

Anyway, what inspired me to write this blog post was the desire we, as humans, have in surrounding ourselves with things of beauty that are relevant to our interests or reflective of things we value in life.  But, in order for art to beautiful, it must offer us more than a pleasing sensual experience—of color, shapes, texture, sound, etc.—it must resonate within us and form a connection with us.

I’ve often marveled how the natural world has continued to be such an inspiration to artists and art lovers throughout history. With both Tamara and I having backgrounds in science—she in biology and me in chemistry—we were trained to take a very analytical view of the processes and systems that govern life itself. However, when viewing a piece of art that really speaks to me, I find myself responding with emotion and feelings. There’s no rational response based upon a critical evaluation of the artwork.  It’s pretty much all gut reaction.  I either like it or I don’t.  And, in order to really love it—it has to mean something to me.

So while so much science is needed in the art of beekeeping—to ensure a hive’s health and success—it’s the profound connection we have with the bees that makes beekeeping so meaningful to us. And that is why we love our new sculpture…it captures the essence of honeybees and the honey they so artfully and naturally create.