Honey: The Perfect Thank You Gift

July 1, 2016

Invited to a summer party or an out-of-town getaway? Make sure you have a special thank you present for the host or hostess receiving you. Bee America Honey makes the perfect gift to show your hosts how much you value their hospitality.

Edible offerings such as honey show appreciation for a host’s generosity and are a thoughtful and delicious treat. Honey brings joy into people’s lives. There is no other natural product that captures the essence of flowers in such a sweet and tasty substance.

Honey is a gift from hard-working bees that all can be grateful for whether it is used baking, grilling, sweetening, moisturizing or healing. Its many uses are varied—from the practical (e.g., stirring into your morning tea) to the decadent (e.g., slathering over your skin as a nourishing mask).

Bee America Honey Gift Box

Wondering what to bring? Try our American Heritage Collection Gift Box Sets in either the 3oz or 12oz sizes. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion. Order a trio of artisanal honeys from our American Heritage Collection and have it arrive handsomely presented in our beautiful gift box sets. The American Heritage Collection features artisanal blends of honey that recreate the sweetness that sustained Americans as they explored and settled the United States.

Honey Gift Flutes

Or perhaps you would like to select one of our flutes of varietal honeys: Tulip PoplarTupelo, or Orange Blossom. These elegant bottles make lovely gifts and allow the recipient to savor the color, flavor and aroma of a particular type of honey representing a specific nectar source of flowers. 

Enjoy soaking up the summer sun and having fun outdoors with family and friends. The warm weather inspires plenty of wonderful get-togethers and opportunities for great summer memories. Just remember not to come empty-handed and you’ll be sure to be invited back!