Enjoy a Taste History

February 17, 2014

Bee America is proud to announce the launch of its American Heritage Collection. The collection is comprised of three new honey blends based on original honey that sustained Americans as they explored and settled in the United States. These artisanal honeys recreate the adventure and spirit of our forefathers and tell a story of the formative era in American history—a period dating from the mid-eighteenth century to the nineteenth century.

The three honeys that encompass the American Heritage Collection are Liberty, Pioneer and Prairie:

Liberty Honey demonstrates the bright spirit of colonial American honey. The Founding Fathers believed that liberty signified the freedom from dependence on another’s will. It was the opposite of tyranny. The first of the American Heritage Collection, Liberty honey pays tribute to the principles of individualism and natural rights with this historical blend of honey—a blend that stands out in its uniqueness and wakens the palate.

Pioneer Honey recalls the robust spirit of American pioneers. Seeking individual freedom and the promise of expansion, American pioneers headed west toward the Ohio River Valley. Honey was collected in the wild from honey trees and from carefully tended straw hives. This honey enriched the diet and sweetened the food on the table. The robust character of the pioneer is reflected in the bold taste of this honey.

Prairie honey reflects the endless sea of grassland that was so impressive to the early settlers. Homesteaders valued honey bees as pollinators for their crops as well as for sweetening foods and providing beeswax for candles. Prairie honey reflects the open fields and spacious skies of the homeland with airy lightness and flavors of straw.

The genesis for the American Heritage Collection stems from a desire to pay tribute to the history of the honey bee in America and the role honey and other hive-related products (e.g., beeswax, propolis, pollen, royal jelly) played in helping define and support the American spirit. The American Heritage Collection recaptures the essence of honey from our country’s past and is based upon the types of nectar sources available in the mid 1700s to late 1800s across a wide swath of the continental United States. Inspired by the magnificent paintings from the Hudson River School, the label designs for this iconic set of honeys epitomize the founding of the thirteen original colonies and the strongly held ideals of freedom and independence and the progressive westward expansion of our country and the determined individualism and resourcefulness of the early settlers.