Bee America Featured in Local Food and Beverage Guide

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Bee America is honored to be included for the second year in the Montgomery County Maryland Food and Beverage Guide, sponsored by the Maryland Food Council. This guide highlights the diverse array of food and beverages produced in farms and kitchens located in our county or made by businesses headquartered here.

Encouraging residents and businesses to eat and drink locally is central to the Food Council’s mission of creating a more robust and sustainable food system in our county. There are extensive economic, health, and environmental benefits of eating locally: we support businesses in our community, create jobs for local residents, and minimize our carbon footprint.

Bee America features our signature honey, Tulip Poplar Honey, which is harvested from our neighborhood grove of tulip poplar trees overlooking the Potomac River in Bethesda, Maryland. We offer our customers all-natural, raw honey from happy MoCo bees. We also specialize in artisanal honeys that capture historic eras in America’s past. Savor a Taste of History. Bee America is a proud member of the Maryland Green Registry.

The 2017-18 Guide formally launches the new MoCo Made brand, created in partnership with the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation to celebrate and increase the visibility of our county’s vibrant local food and beverage community.

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